The Bridge Is Out

from by Vom Vorton



there might still be life on the other side of the river
though the radio plays static and the phones are dead
there might still be people picking through the dust
the grass is always greener where the sky glows red

but the bridge is out
and the river it is swollen
and the rain won’t stop
and we’ve been waiting so long

as the batteries fail and the radio falls silent
we resign ourselves to life on the island

there might still be a chance for us to revive civilisation
if we work together, this could be our garden of eden
but the look upon your face makes me realise that it’s hopeless
I guess it’s finally time that I’m conceding

that the bridge is out
and you won’t listen to reason
and your heart won’t melt
even in a warmer season

as conversation fails and we fall silent
we consign ourselves to death on the island


from Luftfrisker, released November 28, 2016




Vom Vorton Matlock, UK

ex-lardpony, OMAMA, etc.

keeps making songs, growing beard, stroking cats.


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