by Vom Vorton

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written and recorded during November 2016, a terrible month on many levels but at least this kept me busy.

here are the song titles I didn't use:

(inter)national solo album month:


released November 28, 2016

It's all me. I played korg minilogue synthesizer, acoustic guitar, piano, ukulele, drum machine, tambourine and omnichord.




Vom Vorton Matlock, UK

ex-lardpony, OMAMA, etc.

keeps making songs, growing beard, stroking cats.


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Track Name: Demons
It was dark, I was feeling down
Trying to turn my life around
I was feeling blue
trying to keep my mind off you

I’d lost my girl, and I lost my band
I let darkness guide my hand
it was my own fault
trapped inside a circle of salt

I was sad, I was feeling ill
I summoned something I couldn’t kill
it was cold, my hopes were gone
I turned to the necronomicon
in the dark, not feeling well
I opened up the gates of hell
how could i be so blind?
have I brought about the end times?

This was something I couldn’t fix
Made a cross out of my drum sticks
But it made things worse
Inverted crucifix sealed my curse

I built a cage in my hall
Turns out demons are pretty small
And I feed it blood
Or black pudding, which is just as good

I had a bad time, I was upset
but life is better with a pet
and I feel so free
with Satan looking out for me…
Track Name: Don't Call Back
you had a phone call from an unknown number
you had a phone call from a muffled voice
you had a message in a ghoulish whisper
now you must make the choice

do you believe the things they offer?
do you believe you’ve won a prize?
did you even buy a ticket?
do you think that this is wise?

don’t call back!
don’t call back!
it’s a trap, so
don’t call back!

you had a letter asking if you
had received the phone call yesterday
you had an email about the letter
so what will you say?

do you believe they’ll treat you kindly
do you believe their intentions are good?
all I’m saying is please be careful
I hope that’s understood
Track Name: Electricity
your doors are locked
your house is on fire
it came in silently
through the wires

I saw it happen
I ran and hid
I blamed it on
the power grid

it wasn’t me
it was the electricity

the lights are flashing
the phones are dead
you’ve got a suspect
in your head

the door keeps moving
on your garage
you think it might be

but it wasn’t me
it was the electricity

you just have it in for me
my downfall is your mission
because your problem is electrical
and I am an electrician

it wasn’t me
it was the electricity
Track Name: I Slowed Down
I slowed down
And the world sped up around me
I slowed down
So you could catch me when you found me

and it’s on me, I should’ve known
it hurts to leave your comfort zone
so I slowed down
and the world left me behind

I sat down
and the world stood up behind me
in the crowd
it was impossible to find me

and it’s on me, I should’ve known
it hurts to leave your comfort zone
so I sat down
and the world left me for dead
Track Name: Let's Get Some Sleep
well I’m not as young as I used to be
it’s obvious, but it’s true
and I’m finding it exponentially harder
to keep up with you
I try to look enthusiastic
about a walk in the park
but secretly I’m dreaming
that I’m dreaming, in the dark

you want to go dancing
I collapse in a heap
I love you, baby
but let’s get some sleep

well I’ve run out of coffee
and my eyeballs are now twitching
but I still lack the energy
for the activities you’re pitching
I hate to disappoint you
I don’t want to let you down
but if you take me swimming
then I will surely drown

I hope my exhaustion
doesn’t make me a creep
I love you, baby
but let’s get some sleep

I just had to get that
off my chest
I love you, baby
but let’s get some rest
Track Name: Whispering Through
the ghost of summer still haunts this place
that you once made your prison
until icy rain and darkness fell
and performed an exorcism

out in the trees
I got caught in the breeze
and then lost sight of you
and all that was left
was the leaves and the wind
whispering through

the shadow of the autumn
lets me know I am unwelcome
with winter still unread,
the year’s difficult addendum

this unkept house has cracks and drafts
and voices sing right through‘em
among the debris in a minor key
they serenade your tomb
Track Name: To The Players
this is an announcement for the players of the game
please select a weapon and choose a fitting name
the action will begin at the count of five
only one of you will be getting out alive


this is an announcement for you poor, doomed fools
can I please remind you that you must play by the rules
I know you think you’re being clever
but please… stop working together


this is an announcement for the viewers of the show
please keep watching as your leaders are overthrown
we will shortly be going back to the races
and you’ll notice some familiar faces

Track Name: The Bridge Is Out
there might still be life on the other side of the river
though the radio plays static and the phones are dead
there might still be people picking through the dust
the grass is always greener where the sky glows red

but the bridge is out
and the river it is swollen
and the rain won’t stop
and we’ve been waiting so long

as the batteries fail and the radio falls silent
we resign ourselves to life on the island

there might still be a chance for us to revive civilisation
if we work together, this could be our garden of eden
but the look upon your face makes me realise that it’s hopeless
I guess it’s finally time that I’m conceding

that the bridge is out
and you won’t listen to reason
and your heart won’t melt
even in a warmer season

as conversation fails and we fall silent
we consign ourselves to death on the island
Track Name: I'm a Wreck
these are stormy waters
but I’m out on one last trip
If I fall asleep
I’ll go down with my ship

look for the driftwood floating on the sea
and underneath… you will find me

i’m a wreck
or so I’m told
perhaps I’m filled with sunken gold
but at the moment I just feel old

the road is ice and fog
and every other kind of weather
if I lose my grip
then I’ll be lost forever

brakes are broken, tyres screech at every bend
look for the black lines on the road and you’ll find me at the end

i’m a wreck
but don’t despair
please take me in for repair
it’s just a little wear and tear