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Three collaborations between VV and EF! Dennis is taken from the upcoming Vom Vorton album, 'Special Equations'.

See expendablefriend.bandcamp.com for more EF!


released June 10, 2013

Expendable Friend - vocals on Dennis and The Note, acoustic guitar on House on Fire.
Vom Vorton - everything else.




Vom Vorton Matlock, UK

ex-lardpony, OMAMA, etc.

keeps making songs, growing beard, stroking cats.


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Track Name: The Note
I've got your number in my wallet
and I'm gonna have to call it
but first I have a code to work out
because the string of crazy symbols
that you very quickly scribbled
makes little sense to me now
I suppose it is a trial
to check if I'm worthwhile
of taking you out on a date
but it's got me in a muddle
it's an unexpected puzzle
and it's causing me to hesitate

well I won't shy away from a challenge
and I'm not going to quit without a fight
but it seems you had your doubts
whether this would work out
and I'm worried that you might be right.

well I met you at a party
and you kept on talking to me
though I tried my very best to get away
you seemed ok at first
but every drink made you get worse
you spoiled what could have been a lovely day
so in an attempt to dissuade you
while trying not to enrage you
I said that it was time for me to go
and I wrote down some nonsense
on the vaguest pretense
that you could call me on the telephone.

and so I made my escape from the party
and I left you inspecting my note
but I have no doubt
that you won't figure it out
because there no sense in the stuff that I wrote.

b: I can show you heaven!
g: you're a mess.
b: I think I see a seven?
g: lucky guess!
b: you could be my wife!
g: but I won't.
b: I think I see a five?
g: no you don't!
Track Name: House on Fire
we got on like a house on fire
they had to hose us down
but not before our relationship
had spread all over town
the insurance didn't cover it
the policy was void
which was unfortunate because
everything was destroyed

I gave you the cold shoulder
and it melted down my back
I mistook it for your tears
gave you a little slack
we got on like a house on fire
for seven years we dated
but eventually our love ran dry
and you evaporated