Whispering Through

from by Vom Vorton



the ghost of summer still haunts this place
that you once made your prison
until icy rain and darkness fell
and performed an exorcism

out in the trees
I got caught in the breeze
and then lost sight of you
and all that was left
was the leaves and the wind
whispering through

the shadow of the autumn
lets me know I am unwelcome
with winter still unread,
the year’s difficult addendum

this unkept house has cracks and drafts
and voices sing right through‘em
among the debris in a minor key
they serenade your tomb


from Luftfrisker, released November 28, 2016




Vom Vorton Matlock, UK

ex-lardpony, OMAMA, etc.

keeps making songs, growing beard, stroking cats.


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