I'm a Wreck

from by Vom Vorton



these are stormy waters
but I’m out on one last trip
If I fall asleep
I’ll go down with my ship

look for the driftwood floating on the sea
and underneath… you will find me

i’m a wreck
or so I’m told
perhaps I’m filled with sunken gold
but at the moment I just feel old

the road is ice and fog
and every other kind of weather
if I lose my grip
then I’ll be lost forever

brakes are broken, tyres screech at every bend
look for the black lines on the road and you’ll find me at the end

i’m a wreck
but don’t despair
please take me in for repair
it’s just a little wear and tear


from Luftfrisker, released November 28, 2016




Vom Vorton Matlock, UK

ex-lardpony, OMAMA, etc.

keeps making songs, growing beard, stroking cats.


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